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The Terms And Conditions here govern the use of the Shielders® website and all pages within it and apply in full force and effect to the Users of the Shielders® website. By visiting or using this website you expressly accept all the terms and conditions herein.


General Terms
Visitors and Users are granted limited licenses for viewing or use of the Shielders® website contents for learning and purchasing purposes only and at the sole discretion of the licensors under all the terms and conditions herein. In all circumstances, Shielders® wholly reserves all legal rights and privileges over all proprietary content published on this, the Shielders® website, now and the future. Shielders® and its licensors wholly own and reserve all rights to the intellectual property on this Shielders® website. Shielders® reserves the exclusive right to refuse access, registration and use of the 

Shielders® website, its learning products, and its services in accordance with prevailing law.



Shielders® reserves the right to change or improve any and all of its products and services on the Shielders® website and our terms as it sees fit, at any time. For updated information about any of those changes, please be advised to reread this and other legal pages of our website periodically.



User Acceptance of This Agreement

By using the Shielders® website, you are actively accepting our Terms and Conditions as here expressed. Continued use of the Shielders® website is implicit consent to this Terms and Conditions Agreement. 


Intellectual Property
Whether access is paid or free-of-charge, Users are expressly restricted from any activity in violation of its copyright, trademark, or contractual agreements, including the following activities regarding the Shielders® website and its contents, including ideas, text, illustrations, learning activities and materials, products, services, related communications, and any and all of its and its licensors’ registered trademarks, logos, and design elements. Users are and may be restricted from specific areas of the Shielders® website for either educational or commercial reasons, and Shielders® may further restrict access to those or any other areas of the website at any time at its sole and singular discretion. Users may NOT engage in any of the following activities:

  1. duplicate, copy, publish, sell, sublicense, or otherwise commercialize, publicly perform or offer representations without the express contractual permission of Shielders® or its licensors;
  2. damage, restrict, or limit User access to the Shielders® website, its contents, or gain access to its proprietary or contractual financial services information or providers in any other method than that which is provided on or through the Shielders® website;
  3. data mine, harvest, extract, or any similar activity on this website without the express contractual permission of Shielders®, its licensors;
  4. use or operate this website in any way contrary to any Shielders® User Agreements, explicit or implied; nor
  5. access or use of the Shielders® website in any way contrary to those provided by Shielders® and supported by applicable state and federal laws and regulations, or in that or any other way that might or does cause harm to the website, the websites of its contracted financial service providers or any other websites, or to any other User, person, or business entity is expressly prohibited under all available statutes of federal, state, and municipal law.

User Content
“User Content” here refers to any audio, video, photographs, illustrations, text,other images, ideas, data, or other materials that Users encounter on Shielders® website and may choose to use from or contribute to the Shielders® website. By providing User Content, all Users grant Shielders® and its licensors non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, and sublicensable licenses to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, and distribute through any or all media. User Content can be removed from any portion of the Shielders® website at the discretion of Shielders® licensors without notice to the User for any reason and at any time.



Course progression
The rules and techniques of the Shield Method are easy, but the underlying concepts are quite complex and each lesson builds on information from previous lessons. Therefore, to help ensure that Users succeed, we have designed this course to catch any misunderstandings and correct them right away, through the use of tests, as we did in the clinic. Course takers may progress to the next lesson only after they pass the test for the current one. Therefore, we encourage students to read each lesson thoroughly, at least twice, to be sure they understand the concepts so that they can pass the tests. Most have no trouble passing the tests. In fact, they find them fun and get addicted to trying to get every answer right – which is usually pretty easy! The tests also give students confidence that they really do understand the concepts they are learning.



However, those who do not pass a test may be directed to reread the lesson or take other steps. Moreover, Users cannot skip ahead or go back and reread lessons after completing them. This proven format was used in the live clinic and we believe it helps maintain an important momentum. Shielders often really want to retake lessons, and graduates may earn lesson retakes by supplying us with verifiable “before” and “after” information, such as their blood test results, examination records, photographs, etc.)



We reserve the right to decline or dismiss any individual whose test answers indicate an insufficient understanding of the vital concepts, or if they are not progressing through the course in a manner that we feel, at our sole discretion, will enable them to achieve a satisfactory outcome. We will usually know that an individual is having a problem early in the course, such as if they cannot pass a test after multiple attempts. In such cases, the failed test lesson message will suggest that they seek external help, such as having someone help translate the lesson to them or talking to a mental health care provider (preferably one who has taken the Shield Method course). If they still have difficulty, and we dismiss them, we will issue a full refund, upon their request, as per our Refund Policy, below.



Test questions are often simply, “According to this lesson, which of the following are true?” And you will need to check off the correct answers from a list of possible correct answers. In this case, we are simply checking to see if you understand the lesson content, so you don’t always have to agree with the answers you give. Just answer what is true according to the lesson. You will have many, many opportunities to tell us what you agree with and experience in the Evaluations and essay questions. It’s very important to be truthful in the Evaluations and essays. For example, you shouldn’t be afraid to record how bad your eating habits really are. This can actually help improve your score as your habits improve!



Once you enroll in a course, we normally recommend that you take at least 2 lessons a week until you complete the course. Most students are so excited about taking the next lesson that we had to program the course so that students could not take more lessons per week, to ensure that they have enough time to practice what they learn! However, those who don’t take the lessons as frequently as we recommend may lose their momentum, forget some of what they learn and may not do as well as they could. Therefore, we highly recommend that you take the lessons at the recommended pace.



Note: It is not possible for us to have a support database, since each lesson contains new information that builds on information from the previous lessons. Providing information that is beyond a Shielder’s current lesson level would not help them and could be very confusing. It’s much better to absorb the information from the lessons in the order they are given. The tests are designed to verify that students understand the information in each lesson and to catch and correct misunderstandings before they proceed to the next lesson.



Those individuals who state that they do not eat excessively or are not taking the course for personal weight loss (such as doctors and researchers who are taking the course simply to learn about the Shield Method) will not be included in the statistics of those who are taking the course for weight loss.



Refund Policy
You may close your account at any time by using the “Close My Account” tab from your account page. If you close your account before completing 9 of 18 of the lessons of our primary weight loss course (not including 2 bonus lessons), we will issue you a full refund, as long as you have not started Lesson 10 and you request a refund by emailing us through our FAQs page within 2 weeks of closing your account. Then your status in that course will become “inactive,” which will preclude you from being able to log in to it again. No refunds are possible to those who start Lesson 10.



Warning about closing your account before completing this course: We do not wish to pressure anyone, in any way, to continue this course if they choose not to. However, we must warn you that if you do not complete this course, you will not learn Dr. Hill’s advanced techniques for COMPLETING your control. One of these techniques, the H15, often rapidly takes students’ control and rate of progress into “hyperspace,” while simplifying Shielding and making it nearly effortless for them. Others teach how to control your inner child in every situation. The first 9 lessons are essential to give you the experience you need for the advanced lessons. If you don’t finish the course, your control will not be COMPLETE (kind of like getting in the shower without turning on the water). In our experience, your control will not last and you will not get your desired results – any more than you would by taking a waterless shower.



If you close your account before graduating, you will also not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion or gain access to graduate privileges, such as the graduate website, chat room and special activities. You will not be eligible to be listed in our list of professionals who have taken the Shield Method course and you may not be eligible for our other courses, since they build on what Shielders learn in our primary course.



No Warranty
The Shielders® website is provided to the User “as is” with all its inherent flaws and Shielders® makes no express or implied warranties of any kind related to this website or its contents. Learning materials and activities represented on this site are designed for the use of adults with appropriate discretion. No portion of this website shall be construed as offering or providing professional, medical or psychological advice or consultation to the User.



Limitation of Liability
Shielders®, its creator, officers, directors, management company (named below), licensor(s) or employees shall not be liable to the User for any event or outcome arising from or in connection with the User’s use of the Shielders® website or its contents, whether such event or outcome be construed as in reference to contract, tort, or any otherwise, including indirect, consequential, or special liability claims arising from or related to the User’s misunderstanding or inability to engage in appropriate use of this website or its contents.



Shielders® cannot be held responsible for verifying the age or identity of any participant. Shielders® accepts no responsibility for the fraudulent or illicit actions of any other organization, agency, or commercial or personal entity acting to interfere or harm any participant of this website.



The User hereby indemnifies to the fullest extent Shielders®, its creator, officers, directors, management company, licensor(s) or employees from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses, including attorney’s fees, which arise from or as a result of using this website or User breach of these or other Terms & Conditions published on the Shielders® website. Shielders®, its management company, and its users must be willing to resolve all legal issues, controversies, and other conflicts through appropriate forms of arbitration prior to considering any form of direct litigation.



If any provision included in the Terms & Conditions of Terms of Use on the Shielders® website is or becomes unenforceable or invalid under any state or federal law, such shall not invalidate them or imply any automatic removal from the Shielders® website unless that use has become prohibited by law. The full contents of Shielders® Terms & Conditions and Shielders® Terms of Use remain on this website at the sole discretion of Shielders® who reserves sole rights to remove or change any of their provisions at any time without diminishing those that remain.



Variation of Terms
All Shielders® website Users are expected to review regularly the terms, conditions, and all other terms of use herein and in the Shielders® Terms of Use also provided on this Shielders® website.



Users may not assign, transfer, or subcontract any rights of access or other rights or obligations to any third party. Shielders® is solely permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract user rights and obligations without any notification or consent of any user or third-party.



Entire Agreement
These Terms & Conditions, the Terms of Use elsewhere on this Shielders® website, any other legal notices and disclaimers also contained on the Shielders® website comprise the entire agreement between the Shielders® website and its Shielders® website Users and supersede all prior agreements and previous understandings explicitly agreed upon by the User(s) and their use of the Shielders® website.




Shielders® is a DBA of Underscore Management, Inc. which directly or indirectly created this website. If you have further questions or direct correspondence about the above Shielders® Website Terms & Conditions or other contractual, registered, or copyrighted content on this website, please contact Underscore Management, Inc., 3225 McLeod Drive, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. (702) 871-8535.

Note: “Shielders,” “The Shielders Super Willpower Weight Loss Breakthrough!”, the Shielders Shield logo    and “Id the Dragon” (name and image) , which are frequently used in Shielders® courses, products, advertising and events, are registered trademarks. All illustrations and media appearing in the courses and on this website are copyrighted with full rights reserved.


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