Fail on another diet?

Introducing the Shield Method Weight Loss Breakthrough!®

This method can give people SUPER WILLPOWER® in eating situations, for easy, comfortable, reliable eating control and weight loss! Weight loss is often fast, without dieting. And, believe it or not, it’s as easy as a game – and it works like magic!

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Typically Enthusiastic Testimonials!

This may be the first program that can actu­ally say that amazing results are typical!

"Each class is like a revelation!"
"This is bordering on the miraculous!"

Kim D. & S. L.

This method makes more sense than any other I’ve encountered.

Dr. Pat. D., M.D.

It feels good to be human again = to think with my brain, not my stomach!

Dr. Z., M.D.

I hope Dr. Hill realizes the significance of what she's discovered. She should become more famous than Freud because she has found a way to instant­ly repro­gram the mind and change behav­ior. Once my mind is repro­gram­med, I don't even notice my stomach growl!

-Anna R.

I came into the test group hostile, ready to give Dr. Hill a piece of my mind if this was just another scam. Dr. Hill gave me a (men­tal) Shield which changed my whole life. On every other weight loss program, I had doubts that it would work on a long-term basis. I am convinced this will.

-Diane D.

It really does work like magic!

-Flori T.

A God-Send.

-Dr. B. A. (Psychologist)

Shielding is a BRILLIANT concept!

-Sue S.

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