The Shielders® Weight Loss Program

can give you


(Super Personal Control)

Thin eaters don't eat diet foods! They just eat about half as much as others-which keeps them thin!

How thin would you be if you could eat that much less? 

This program enables ordinary people to eat 25% to 75% less, while enjoying eating more than ever!

A True Breakthrough!

Diets Don't Work!

People who want to lose weight are given a diet plan and told "Just Follow It." But after they've had a diet meal, what's to stop them from ordering a pizza or losing control over ice cream?

Following a diet has meant fighting extremely strong stimulations from our infinitely powerful minds to get us to cheat, making it difficult, stressful and nearly impossible to succeed--as proven by the current obesity epidemic. 


The Shielders weight loss method (called the Shield Method) is not a diet. Developed by a doctor, it's the first method that enables ordinary people to easily, comfortably and victoriously eat 25% to 75% less  in a world full of food temptations, so that they can finally triumph over their weight problems! 

It uses a safe and natural ability of the mind that we use all the time but have never been able to use for "personal" control. It's not hypnosis, behavior modification or even religious in nature, despite the "hallelujah!" testimonials that often result. It reduces stress, dramatically, and the side effects of easy, reliable personal control include skyrocketting self esteem and the euphoria of success!


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