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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Shield Method?

The Shield Method is a method that can give people SUPER WILLPOWER in eating situations! We have provided a FREE introductory lesson that gives much more information about it. Simply go to the home page and click on “START HERE: Take the FREE Introductory Lesson!” 

Medical Advisement:

The Shield Method can help over-eaters gain much greater personal control of their eating behaviors. Many positive effects often result, including weight loss, improved eating habits, reduced stress, improved health and greater self esteem. There are almost no negative effects of increased personal control. (Your partner could get jealous?)

However, you should consult with your medical doctor before starting this or any weight loss program. Your doctor may need to monitor your blood values and adjust your medications as you lose weight or change throughout this course. Those with moderate to severe mental health conditions should also consult with their mental health care provider (preferably one who is familiar with the Shield Method) prior to starting this course.

Notice: We will not be responsible to act on any information that you divulge during your participation in any of our courses. For example, if you record that you have a certain medical condition, we cannot and will not be responsible to advise you about it or report it to your doctor. Our purpose for obtaining your health and other statuses is merely to document how your starting statuses change as you progress through our courses. If you have now or later discover that you have any medical or psychological condition, you, alone, are responsible to report it to your own doctors.  

Who SHOULD and SHOULD NOT take this course?

The Shield Method IS for overweight people who eat excessively. It helps them lose weight by reducing their excessive out-of control eating. It’s also for those who eat large (or restaurant-sized) meals, who wish to be able to consume less food consistently so that they can lose weight and keep it off. 

The Shield Method is NOT for those who are overweight even though they don’t overeat. If you are overweight even though you eat very little, you should not take this course. Eating even less can  damage your metabolism and lead to nutritional deficiency. Instead, you should speak to your medical doctor about your weight concern. They can often find the real cause of your problem and provide a real solution.

Parental Advisement

The Shield Method often improves personal control, which can have a very beneficial effect on both adults and children; but it is, of course, the parents responsibility to protect, monitor, and choose their children’s learning activities. We leave it up to a child’s parents or legal guardians to decide when their child is capable of learning and understanding the concepts and techniques of any particular Shield Method course or product. 

It is usually very easy and fun for children to learn the Shield Method lessons, and maintaining the control is also very easy. However, some of the concepts are complex and the techniques cannot work (especially over the long-term) if a child cannot yet completely understand and retain them.

Therefore, we suggest that parents first take the same Shielders® course that they are considering enrolling their child in (this can also help them support their child in the learning process); or consult with a doctor who is familiar with the child and the course (preferably one who has taken the same course). We expect to soon include a menu tab on our Home Page that provides a list of doctors and other professionals who have taken our courses. 

Note to Researchers

We have designed this course so that it may continuously demonstrate duplicability. All who take this course record their subjective baseline information and progressive results through tests and evaluations, so that their progress and personal changes may be easily identified and studied by researchers. We also encourage and incentivise students to upload their objective results, including relevant blood tests and exam findings. We intend to release our audited results regularly.

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